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Top 10 best standing desks for home office of 2022

On the hunt for a high quality standing desk worth your money? If you are tired of hovering through the net looking for a standing desk that will give you more value for your purchase, you’ve landed on the right spot.

What are the best standing desks for home office? After comparing different products, we came up with this list of top 10 best standing desks that should help you choose what kind of desk is suitable for you. This list includes adjustable or fixed height models as well as manual or electric adjustable desks . Some of them allow you to set different heights so if one isn’t enough, you can gradually increase your working position throughout the day. If budget is an issue – take a look at our best-bang-for-the-buck picks after which there is also affordable option . All in all, let’s better check out these standing desks!

1. GeekDesk – best standing desk for tall person

As one of the best adjustable desks out there, GeekDesk is solid piece of equipment that will serve you for years. The desk has two tiers so it can be used as a standing desk or as sit-stand desk according to your preferences . The unit is easy to use and allows for unlimited adjustments between sitting and standing positions which means you can set it at any height to fit your needs.

GeekDesk standing desk

The first desk on our list is this one from GeekDesk which is also the best electric standing desk . This desk is adjustable and extremely sturdy (can support up to 35lbs). If you feel like price of other desks on this list is a bit too high – take a look at GeekDesk v.3 that costs less than $500. What we love about it: it allows you to choose between sitting and standing position and can be easily adjusted with one button push, comes with sleek design and small footprint, easy to assemble and last but not least – customer service seems quite helpful. One downside might be that it has rather long cables so if they bother you – there are converters for shorter cords available as an accessory.

2. Evodesk – best stand up desk under $1 000

Evodesk is one of the most popular standing desks out there manufactured in Canada. The desk features simple design with 1-touch button to adjust height between sitting & standing position. This model can be used as electric adjustable desk, manual adjustable desk or even treadmill office desk so it’s suitable for almost everyone no matter what your preferences are . As for dimensions – this unit measures 70 x 28 x 51 inches and weighs around 66lbs.

Evodesk stand up desk

Although it’s not very cheap, Evodesk is made of heavy duty MDF material that provides durability and stability . It has dual ergonomics compatibility which means you can choose whether to use with separate keyboard shelf or laptop tray (both are included).

Even though the top surface has not enough space for monitor and keyboard at the same time, you can buy an extra extension if needed. What we love about it: customizable height settings ranging from 25.5-50 inches, comes with a remote control, easy to assemble even by yourself and anti-fatigue mat for additional comfort when standing. For us personally – it is slightly too expensive but worth taking a look at if you have the money available.

3. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

This is another adjustable desk by Stand Steady that uses gas spring leveling system which makes it extremely easy to adjust the height. Here you have a choice of three different colors and can choose from sitting or standing position with one touch. The work surface is pretty roomy and a good thing about it is that it comes fully assembled which means you won’t have to spend hours putting it together.

Stand Steady

What we love about this desk: sturdy metal construction, sleek design, easy to use adjustment system, high weight capacity (60lbs), adjustable keyboard tray included. If you don’t want electric standing desks – check out Stand Steady v.5 non-electric .

4. Fully Jarvis Bamboo

This one is another bamboo electric adjustable desk with an affordable price tag so if cost is not your number one priority – definitely take a look at it! This desk is designed with eco-friendly materials and has a very sturdy construction. It’s fully assembled so if you don’t want to spend hours putting it together – you can enjoy the stand up desk at once!

Jarvis standing desk

Here, there are four different height position settings so if one isn’t enough for you, gradually increase your working position throughout the day. What we love about this desk: bamboo surface, small footprint due to corner design, easy to use push button adjustment system, silent work surface leveling system.

5. Uplift V2 standing desk – best for quality /price

This is another great adjustable desk with a very sturdy construction. It has easy to use adjustment system and large surface so you can perform all your work activities while standing up. It’s made of heavy duty steel frame which means it’s also very stable. Even though the price tag might look quite high, Uplift Desk will last for years since it comes with 7-year warranty on electronics . What we love about this desk: quality/price ratio, stylish design, ease of use & adjustability, option to choose between sitting or standing position & fast shipping

Uplift V2 commercial desk

Uplift standing desk has four preset height positions ranging from 24-49 inches so if one isn’t enough – upgrade your working position gradually. Here you also have an option of using 2nd tier for additional storage space or even place laptop on small platform that sits atop it. What we love about this model: sturdy metal construction, dual ergonomics compatibility, extremely easy push button adjustment system, cable management system and great customer support.

6. Autonomous Smartdesk Pro

If you are not aware, the Smartdesk Pro used to be referred to as the Smartdesk 2 premier business edition. This standing desk from Autonomous is considered to be one of their higher-tiered models.

If you are familiar with Smartdesk Home Edition, you’ll find the Smartdesk Pro a nice upgrade. The Pro is even sturdier and has more muscles to it. So it can bear a weight of 300 lbs, just a tad lower than that of Steelcase Solo. And it does get higher at 52 inches. So this is a great option for taller users.

We love the spacious desk and the front edge is a bit carved too. So this makes it more ergonomic. 

One of the downsides, however, is that it can wobble a bit at the max setting. And you will still be able to feel that subtle wobbling even when you’re typing. So even if it can go as high as 52 inches, we reckon taller users will be irked by the subtle shaking. Albeit that, it has a generous workspace and a pretty cool price tag. Just don’t go over 48 inches then the wobble will not be noticeable anymore. 

7. Apex desk Elite series

If you find the Smart desk Pro lacking space at 70 inches, the Apexdesk Elite series will indulge you at an additional one more inch. That may not be that big but that’s still an additional inch of working space. So this is a very good option for those seeking the wider standing desk for this price range.

The Elite series desk has a very nice set of features for its price. And the desk is pretty stable and solid too. There are fewer wobbles compared with the Autonomous Smartdesk Pro. The build of the frame and the tabletop are impeccable quality too. But hold your horses, there is less room for customization like you can with a Fully Jarvis. So the Apexdesk Elite series is a “it is what it is” desk. You cannot alter the looks much.

But if you want a big, spacious and steady desk, this is it. Though if you’re taller, the desk will not be able to go high enough for you. It can provide a more comfortable position for those who stand 6 feet and lower. 

And oh, the very stingy warranty might tick you off. It only offers a two years warranty on electronic parts. So that’s a sad thing because we are really loving the desk. 

8. Vari Electric standing desk 60×30

The Vari electric standing desk 60 x 30 inches is very stylish. We particularly love the butcher block tabletop finish. This is perhaps our top pick when it comes to the overall appearance and style. 

This desk is large enough and has plenty of room for two large monitors. You may even have some more space for a laptop and some other gadgets. So space-wise, it’s a big win. 

This desk is hefty, solid, and quite durable. So yes, it is a win again because you’re sure that this desk will be able to stand the test of time. But never attempt to set it up yourself. Unless you want to do a heavy full-body workout. The desk is a big hefty one. It’s a solid one-piece kit. 

And this can handle more weight. It is also one of the more heavy-duty standing desks on our list. Stability is also pretty good. There are fewer wobbles too.

So for the negatives, it also has a crossbar so this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It also has a stingy 2-year warranty. 

9. iMovr Energize Compact standing desk with Elevon extension

Now if you’re looking for a standing desk with more bells and whistles, this is perhaps the model for you. This Energize sit desk comes equipped with an Elevon extension. Though if you’ll hover through the website right now, this unit is currently out of stock. The brand is planning to come with a new model, so we’re keeping our eyes on that too.

It’s a US-made desk, so you can expect good build and quality. Though the desk is not totally eye candy, you’d have several options for the tabletop. So you can find one that tickles your fancy. 

The desk is also ergo contoured, so that makes it look more polished. And though the tabletop isn’t too fancy like a Fully Jarvis bamboo desktop tabletop, it is very sturdy. The tabletop is 3D laminated. So you don’t have to worry about moisture damage or warping.  

The ELEVO extensions make it possible for users to find a more ergonomic position for the keyboards and mouse. The platform can be easily tilted and while other keyboard platforms can only be tilted to a certain degree, it can be titled to 360 degrees around the pivot bar. so thIs is a great option for those who often experience wrist discomforts.

And with this unit, you do not have to purchase a separate one keyboard platform. This is good especially if you don’t have much idea of what the best brands are.

10. FlexiSpot Deluxe Mogo – best standing desk under $500

If you’re looking for something cheaper, this is definitely the desk to go with. Even though it’s not electric, it has small footprint and extremely easy to use adjustment system – slide your desk up or down by using just one hand! Besides that, it comes fully assembled which means you won’t have to spend hours putting it together. What we love about this desk: compact & space saving design (smaller than some electric standing desks), extremely affordable price tag, ease of use & adjustability

If you want an affordable electric adjustable desk with a simple design and wireless keyboard tray, look no further! The best thing about this desk is that it actually feels like a high quality product. You can switch between sitting and standing position with just one button press. We also love the fact that even though this is quite compact desk it still offers generous space for all your needs – from laptop up to 24inch monitor . What we love about this desk: affordable price tag, sleek design, good weight capacity (33lbs), durability & stability, easy to use adjustment system


So if you’re trying to squeeze in a quality standing desk for your 600-700 dollar budget, this review will come in very handy. We’ve picked the best for this price range. Though there will still be some qualms on some aspects of the standing desk, you will still be able to find one that suits your needs.

Welcome to our list of top 10 best standing desks for home office. If you are ready to stop sitting all day and get more productive, healthier and happier by incorporating more movement into your working routine – you’ve come to the right place!

It is no secret that spending hours of your day sitting down in front of computer can be harmful for your health. There are lots of different studies that show the benefits of standing up while working on computer or writing on paper (or even drawing). The main reason why making less use of chairs makes sense is because it changes the body mechanics. When we sit too much, our hip flexors shorten and tighten which reduces overall mobility. What this means is that when you finally force your body to work with these shortened muscles, chances are that you will be in pain. There is also this belief that sitting down for too long makes muscles weaker which isn’t quite true either. Well, standing does require your body to work slightly harder since it needs to support itself against gravity so if you have back pain or have bad posture – standing all day might actually make things worse. That’s why it is important to find a good standing position and switch between chairs and desks throughout the day while taking regular breaks just like while sitting .

What will happen when your body mechanics change? You can expect your legs to become stronger, core to get tighter and shoulders to become broader because of the increased blood flow. Your focus should be on activating muscles since they need not only more strength, but need to work in tandem which means changing the way you are working. Standing up allows you to move around more often and takes pressure off your back, legs and feet – thus preventing soreness.

What are the benefits of using standing desks? Here are some of them: improved creativity since you can literally stand inspiration over adversity increased productivity because you don’t want to sit too long better posture better mood due to positive effects on your circulation improved health lower risk for diabetes.

Something that’s quite important is choosing a high quality desk that won’t break or fall apart while standing on it for hours every single day. The market is full of cheap products so it is up to us not to get fooled into buying something subpar just because it’s cheaper than the rest.