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What is the best office chair for lower back pain?

How to choose the best office chair for your needs? With so many options available on the market you might end up confused or not satisfied with choices that are available, especially if you’re buying an ergonomic office furniture for the first time. But don’t worry! We’ve done tons of research and tested dozens of models in order to help customers choose the best stuff for their needs. So, don’t be shy and read our articles about benefits of ergonomic office chairs, how to choose best chair for lower back pain or what are height adjustable office chairs.

If you have lower back pain, an office chair that offers lumbar support is a must for any office worker. Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your office chair. There are several good office chairs under $300, especially if you are shopping online where prices are often much cheaper than buying in person. Also, there are also several high-end office chairs over $1000 that will still make great choices if you are looking to spend more money on your office furniture.

An office chair with adjustable height is the best choice because it will give each user maximum comfort and avoid muscle strain resulting from reaching up or down while working. With this said, there are also many office chairs without adjustable height that are still good office chair options.

A mesh office chair is best for office workers who need to be able to move around. Mesh office chairs are made of a breathable material, offering the most stylish design and comfort.

Office chairs come in many colors, fabrics, and designs; it’s important not to get too caught up in shopping for your office chair based on looks alone. Comfort is key when you’re looking for an office chair.

With the right office furniture (and great accessories like this office armchair), you’ll enjoy being at work more than ever!

Top 6 type of office chairs that support lower back pain

1. Serta office chair – Enjoy office comfort from a trusted office furniture company for less! This office chair offers many features that make it a great office chair for lower back pain, including lumbar support and pneumatic lift adjustable height.

2. Office task chair – A plush office armchair with durable upholstery provides both style and comfort, perfect for office seating arrangements where guest seating is also needed.

3. High back office chair – Mesh chairs are best for office workers who need to be able to move around during work hours, and this high-back mesh office chair offers the most stylish design and comfort of any satin mesh office chair on the market today.

4. Sitmatic mid-back office chair – Mesh office chairs are the most popular office furniture choice for office workers who need to be able to move around during work hours, and this Sitmatic office chair is the best mesh office chair on the market today.

5. Drifting Office Chair – Stylish office seating options like this office armchair come in many different colors, fabrics, and designs; it’s important not to get too caught up in shopping for your office chair based on looks alone. Comfort is key when you’re looking for an office chair!

6. Skyline mid-back office chair – With its pneumatic lift adjustable height and ergonomic design, this mid-back mesh office chair offers superior support that will save you muscle strain while working long hours

Top 10 best office chairs for back pain

Here are the list of top 10 best office chairs this 2022 we highly recommend to you.

  • Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

Embody from Herman Miller is office chair which was designed from the ground up to combine exceptional comfort with uncompromised performance. Its unique ability to support the entire back makes it a great office chair for lower back pain.

Herman Miller’s patented LiveBack technology flexes and conforms to your back with every movement. And a dynamic linking system delivers just the right amount of support when you recline, so you sit with proper spinal alignment. With this high-end Embody Chair, you can put your office furniture to work for you.

  • Steelcase Gesture office chair

Gesture office chair from Steelcase with its flexible seat vented mesh is uniquely designed to support the natural motions of your body. Also, this office armchair was built around a steel frame and with Synchro tilt control that easily adapts to change so you can work in any position.

Additionally , with its pneumatic lift adjustable height with infinite depth options, you can customize your office furniture settings for a personalized ergonomic fit. If you sit in office chairs all day long, a Gesture office chair would be a great office chair choice for lower back pain relief.

  • Razor Mesh Executive Office Chair

Mesh office chair like this office armchair is perfectly suitable for your office. With its adjustable office chair arms and mesh back, you’ll be able to work comfortably in any office position, for hours at a time.

Razor is office furniture that is most ergonomic office chair for lower back pain with mesh office furniture while its office chair mechanism has a smooth and fluid recline. So, it will be office effective office chair for office workers.

  • Haworth Zody Office Chair

Zody office chair from Haworth delivers the ultimate in office furniture design. This office armchair with pneumatic lift adjustable height office chair mechanism has a dynamic back system that provides support when you sit up and freedom when you recline. Built around an innovative steel frame, this office armchair features a gentle curve that cradles your body.

Haworth Zody office chair is perfect ergonomic office chairs for lower back pain relief while there are many office effective features into office chair back if it’s fully reclined to help you maintain correct body alignment during long work hours.

Like other office chairs, Zody has pros and cons also. Some office workers say office chair back is too soft while others office chair users think it’s not supportive enough. Also, office chair arms are shorter than other office chairs’ armrests. But many office workers have no problem with these two common complaints.

  • Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

Unlike Mesh office chairs, office chair back of this office furniture is upholstered to provide extra comfort. Serta office chair with pneumatic lift adjustable height office chair mechanism comes with full padded seat and polyurethane foam that provides superior long-lasting comfort for your workday.

Serta office armchair has advanced ergonomics which help you sit up straighter to keep strain off the lower back. While it’s built-in lumbar support to office desk chairs helps maintain an optimal seating posture, so it will be a good office chair choice if you want office ergonomic chairs for low back pain relief.

Boasting on its premium leather fabric and soft padding on office furniture arms & headrest, Serta office chair is office desk chairs with soft office furniture arms for office workers.

Like most office chairs, there are pros and cons about this office chair as well. Some office workers complain too much padding makes them feel like they’re stuck in a rocking boat while others say it’s not as comfortable as advertised because the office chair back is too firm to support their lower backs. But many users like its smooth reclining feature and agree that it’s really an office ergonomic chairs for lower back pain relief choice for those office workers who sit in office chair back all day long.

  • Ergochair Pro from Autonomous

Before Autonomous named this Ergochair 2. This Ergochair Pro from this brand has various office furniture benefits such as ergonomic arms, breathable mesh material and height adjustable arm to provide comfortable seating position while you’re working in front of computer or typing emails to coworkers on laptop. Its elevated seat pan which is designed for increased blood flow and reduced aches and pains in feet and legs while this mechanisms enables smooth and easy recline options so it will be suitable office desk chairs for office workers who sit in office desk chairs for hours.

Aside from office ergonomic chair benefits, Autonomous has office furniture features that users love and hate about this office chair. For example, office chair back is highly adjustable which many office chair users like but others don’t because they’re not able to use the release knob which is annoying. While some office worker complaints that this Ergochair Pro can’t be used as a reclining office chairs because it doesn’t go flat but other office workers are fine with this issue.

  • Herman Miller Classic Aeron Size C Task office chair – BLack

This office chair is designed to enhance your productivity by providing ergonomic support, breathable mesh material and adjustable seat height which will be a great choice for an office chair if you want office ergonomic chairs for back pain.

Aeron Task Office Chair by Herman Miller is high in demand due to its ergonomic design. Office armchair back with breathable mesh material provides proper ventilation and sturdy construction ensures endurance for daily use. This office chair weighs only 52 lbs. so it’s easy to move from one place to another which many office workers like, but other office chair users say that this tiny weight makes it feel less stable while they’re sitting on it. It features a tilt limiter and forward tilt which can be used for dynamic sitting positions that will help you reduce pressure points throughout the day.

This Herman Miller Classic Aeron has wide range of height adjustment range up to 20″ which gives taller users ability to find comfortable settings or sit higher than others. Armrest can be adjusted in height and width which is really great for office workers with arm or wrist pain who want to ease movement when typing on keyboard or using mouse. Pretty much, it’s one of the best office chairs at the market right now.

Other drawbacks are its price & comfort level. Many users complain about this office chair being too firm, while some say that after a year of use this chair becomes uncomfortable if you’re sitting on it more than 8 hours per day because back gets soft and mesh material loses its springiness making you feel like your butt is sinking into the seat of the chair.

But not all customers are unsatisfied with the Classic Aeron. Many users commended how they work on their feet all day long and they need heavy duty office chairs for back support so they can sit on this chair without any problem. According to them, it’s comfortable, adjustable and the quality is excellent which makes this product one of the best office chairs out there.

  • LaZboy Kendal Manual Recline Leather office chair

Lazboy leather office chair is available in various colors and styles, including Monaco Swivel Glider Recliner which is great for people who want to enjoy office chair benefits such as soothing swiveling action while sitting on leather office chairs.

This Lazboy recliner chair is designed with comfort in mind, so you will be able to get relaxed sitting experience without needing any accessories like lumbar pillow or headrest. It’s fully padded with premium top-grain leather upholstery which makes it more comfortable than other executive office furniture because not all luxury chairs come with leather material. Having said that, this LaZboy office recliner has mesh back support but lacks padding compared to most conventional executive armchairs available at the moment.

Many of its users say that this leather executive office chair is comfortable after a year or more of use if they don’t weigh more than 250 lbs. On the other hand, some users complain that mesh material becomes saggy and doesn’t provide necessary support for their backs which makes them feel not as comfortable while sitting on it anymore.

General design of this recliner chair by LaZboy isn’t perfect but it provides significant amount of comfort for occasional seating. Many users say that its chaise pad can be put to different positions so you will get various angles from straight up to flat which makes this armchair more versatile than others. If you’re looking for something with longer warranty period then Lazboy Leather Office Chair might be a good choice since they have 5 years of limited warranty

  • Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Today, Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is one of the best-selling mid back computer chairs on the market right now. If you’re taller than 6 feet or you want to make your desk look more professional then I would recommend this office chair by Modway which has higher backrest compared to most ergonomic mesh chairs under $200.

This high-back executive ergonomic chair has breathable mesh material for better airflow during hot summer days but keep in mind that since it’s not upholstered with leather its breathability is worse than LaZboy Leather Recliners or Herman Miller Classic Aeron. Many users love using their new office chairs every day because it feels good on their backs and they say that every time you lean back the chair allows your spine to rest naturally, so after a few minutes of sitting they don’t feel any discomfort anymore.

Prior to buying this Modway Articulate Mesh Chair you should know that the seat is wider than most office chairs with lumbar support in its class which makes it more comfortable for users who weigh 200 lbs or more. On the other hand, some reviews say that this high-back executive ergonomic chair by Modway isn’t suitable for people who are taller than 6 feet because when they recline this chair all the way down their legs touch front portion of their desk and it becomes uncomfortable. So if you want an office chair for tall persons make sure that your desk is big enough to support both your lower and upper body.

It’s good that this computer chair has heavy duty nylon base which is very stable even for people who weigh more than 250 lbs. However, some users say that they used this chair every day for a few months and after a while the armrest on its left side starts to sag down which isn’t a problem because you can easily use a wrench to tighten it back on. It takes time to become fully adjusted with this ergonomic mesh office chair but most of its buyers say that once you get accustomed to it, it becomes really comfortable.

  • Herman Mayer Sayl Task office chair

Herman Mayer Sayl Task is a good choice for people who have never used an ergonomic chair before because it has all necessary adjustments and it’s really easy to put together. In terms of build quality, this office chair by Herman Miller isn’t as durable as most high-end chairs from Steelcase or Raynor but its mesh back support is wider than other mid-range computer chairs which means that you will get more ventilation during hot summer days.

This task chair by Herman Miller has 4D adjustable arms with height adjustment for better comfort and customization options. Mesh material on the seat and backrest allow air to circulate giving you a cooling effect even during hot summer days. However, armrests don’t come with any padding so if you have them extended all the way down your arms will feel uncomfortable after a while.

This ergonomic mesh task chair by Herman Miller is good for shorter users as well as taller individuals because you can easily adjust its height from 47 inches to 54 inches . Moreover, the seat depth is 17 inches which makes it suitable for people who are smaller than 5 feet 10 inches and if you’re even taller you can move its backrest forward without any problems.

Many reviewers say that they love using this office chair every day because its built quality is very impressive and it has dense foam padding on its armrests which make them comfortable to use. On the other hand, some customers complain about this computer chair’s durability but with proper care it’s going to serve you well for many years.

Herman Miller Sayl Task chair requires only minor assembly and it comes with padded armrests which are height adjustable, so if your workspace is located in an area where there’s no air conditioning during hot summer days this chair will help you stay cool. Moreover, since Sayl Task has tension knob under its seat you can easily adjust the amount of force needed to recline it back, so if you like leaning back while working on something complicated or taking a nap after lunchtime rest assured that this office chair will never fall back all the way to its original position until you release tension dial . It’s not hard to see why this Sayl is very popular


Choose a good office chair that support back pain problems are not easy. But if you pick the right kinds of ergonomic chairs, such as Herman Miller Sayl or Zody Office Chair, for your work and daily activities in accordance with your body type and height, we think it will give you a lot of help.

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