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Duramont Ergonomic Chair Review: You Had me at Rollerblades

This mid range office chair is known for its smooth rollerblade wheels. It veers away from  those  chairs with small plastic caster wheels. Most chairs in its pierce range tend to have this type of wheels. So I think this is quite an advantage for the Duramont. But let’s see if there is more to it other than the cool rollerblade wheels.


Lumbar support

The backseat material is mesh. So it’s cooler, breathable,  and comfortable especially during the hotter weather. And The lumbar support of this is quite different from other brands. It does not only adjust up and down, you can also push it inward or outward. It has this little knob at the back that  you unscrew to adjust the height and firmness of the lumbar support. 

But did it make any difference? Well, the adjustable lumbar support can  be quite comfortable for taller users. The adjustable lumbar support did not make any difference for those who are petite. They even find the lumbar support pushing too much against the small of their back. So despite the fact that it’s adjustable, the lumbar support was not for everyone. Smaller users won’t be able to find a sweet comfortable spot for their back.

But once the chair is a perfect fit for your back, you’ll find it quite comfortable. You Might even be able to sit on it for  a longer time without having any back pain. 

It also has several features that are designed or taller users.The depth of the  chair is also quite deep. And the backseat is high. That’s why shorter users will struggle in finding a comfortable spot. They might feel like a kid in an adult chair.  

But do take note that it has a more firm support. With the all mesh back and adjustable bar of lumbar support, it feels a bit similar to the Ergochair 2. Except that it feels more comfortable for taller users. And the Ergochair 2 is a bit more aggressive and tends to push you forward, so it can be tiring after a few hours. But you can change the firmness of the lumbar support of the Duramont, and you can’t do that with the Autonomous chair. So it’s more comfortable than the Ergochair 2.


The seat has a thin cushion that’s covered with a mesh material. And it can be too firm so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


It’s thick, stuffy, and hard. The armrests are all plastic and do not have any covering.  A thin layer of padded cushion could have amped up the comfort  level a bit. As for the adjustability, it can only be adjusted up and down. So that’s another limitation there. 

Construction and assembly

This chair came in one big box. And I must say that it’s a hefty one. But I don’t mind it since hefty chairs tend to have a stronger and more durable construction. Though if you aren’t used to putting things up together, you might need help in lifting the parts.

And if you have difficulties in assembling the chair, you can always hover through YouTube. And you’d see lots of tutorial videos on how to assemble the chair. 

Rollerblade wheels

This is perhaps the most unique and noticeable feature of this office chair. Especially if you have wooden floors, you’ll find the rollerblade wheels quite lovely. If the wheels of your old chair used to get stuck in between the grooves of the tiles, this chair won’t. It slides seamlessly and you don’t need to push it forward. It slides like butter on warm toast, so to speak.

The wheels are also quite slick, it does not make any noise. So you’d love that if squeaky wheels are one of your pet peeves. And the soft rollerblades wheels can also save your wooden floors from scratches or dents. You might not need to use a floor mat with these wheels.

Delivery and warranty

The warranty of the chair is one of the shortest and most stingy compared to other midrange and premium chairs. It offers only a stingy 90 day warranty. That’s around 3 months. I think the decent warranty period should be 2-3 years for an ergonomic chair. And this one didn’t even offer a year. So the real value for your money box is not going to be ticked in here.

Delivery was also fast. And the box came in neatly packed. I have no complaints here.

Duramont Ergonomic Chair Summary 

In a nutshell, here are the things that I didn’t like about the Duramont.

  1. The chair can have a strong smell out of the box. The smell can dissipate in a couple of days and you should let it out in an open area. 
  2. It may have a lot of adjustable features. But despite that, most shorter and petite users will not find a comfortable spot for the lumbar support and the seat height.
  3. The armrests have limited adjustment, and it is not the most comfortable.
  4. The seat height has a decent adjustment range and it’s perfect for taller users. But the thing is, the seat tends to decline and fall down with prolonged use. It can eventually slip down.And you might find yourself readjusting the seat more often.
  5. Shorter users will find that their legs might not reach the floor.  Even with the lowest height settings, it won’t be comfortable for them.
  6. The warranty is too stingy.  90 days is too short for an ergonomic office chair. 

And here are the features that I liked the most.

  1. It’s very silent.
  2. It’s heavy duty. And it’s  not just the weight capacity,  but the overall built capacity of the chair. The 330 lbs weight capacity can be maxed out. And you will still find that the chair is qte stable and durable. There won’t be any wobbling or shaking. The chair feels tight and nice. 
  3. I love the roller blade wheels. It feels so smooth on wooden and tile floors. But there’s a big but here. It may or may or may not run that smoothly on  carpeted floors. It would depend on what type of carpet you have in your home office. And if you want to protect your expensive hardwood floors, these caster wheels are worth it. 
  4. If you are tall, you’ll love the nice lumbar support of this chair. It also has several adjustable features like the  recline.
  5. The chair has a strong and durable built. 
  6. Design wise, it looks futuristic. And high back chairs always stand out in the middle of the office. 
  7. It has an adjustable neck rest. And it can be titled back. So it can offer a lot of retreat in the middle of work.

Final say

If you are taller and you need a more affordable office chair, you can find the Duramont comfortable. But I really would not rate it as one of the most comfortable office chairs I have ever tried. Yes it feels more comfortable and stable than Kinn and Ergochair 2, but it’s not at the top of my list.

It does have several adjustable features. But it did not do much good to the chair. it was not able to widen the scope of users, and it’s still meant for taller people.  But if you fit into the chair, it could serve you quite well.