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Getting Started

ASTON is eager to help you with your next application or product test.

We follow a four-step process to take projects from start to completion.

STEP 1: Initial Estimate

Clients typically call us on our toll-free line, 1-888-ASTON10 (1-888-278-6610), to discuss the testing requirements or details of a problem. After the initial conversation and a review of applicable specifications, blueprints and histories we will provide an approximate cost estimate and timetable.

STEP 2: Project Review

Test samples are sent to our site, which is served daily by a number of overnight express services. We also have inside dock facilities for motor freight deliveries. Once the samples are received, we conduct a more detailed review prior to initiating any work. We will discuss the project with the client again, if there are any discrepancies between the initial conversation and what is actually required or stated on the purchase order. Payment options include Visa & MasterCard.

Step 3: Evaluation

We conduct our tests and evaluations to complete the specified work.

Step 4: Reporting

We send a full written report, either by mail, fax or email. If necessary, we can call to discuss the results prior to sending a report.

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