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Steelcase Think vs Series 1 Office Chair showdown – which one is better?

What’s the difference between Steelcase Think and Series 1 chairs? Which one is a better office chair for long hours of sitting, and why? Let’s compare them together

The Steelcase Think back will not be an issue as it reclines and changes shape to fit the user. The point of this article isn’t to compare the two chairs but rather let you know what might be a better pick depending on your needs. We will show you how both chairs stack up against each other in terms of specifications, features, and price. We will discuss the pros and cons of each chair based on our experience using both office chairs.

The look

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the Steelcase Think chair is, “wow this breathes really well!” This office chair has a breathable mesh back support. If you are buying your office chair for long hours of sitting, then this will be a good pick. You will not feel suffocated or sweaty if you choose this product. The steel frame used in building it makes it very durable and long lasting. To top all these features off, it also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds plus adjustable lumbar support! These definitely make the price point worth it. The biggest issue with the Steelcase Think is how it has a low back support which might lead to lower back pain and could be an issue for people over 6 feet tall.

steelcase think

The Series 1 Office Chair by Steelcase comes in two different arm and base colors: White and Charcoal (the review unit we received was white). If you prefer to have your office chair stand out, then this is definitely a good pick since it will not blend into the background like most black chairs do. The white makes it seem more professional than playful, so if your company allows such colors, then go for it! This chair also provides similar features as its older brother, but has an ergonomic design focused on mid-back seating. Because of this, you might experience discomfort in your back after long hours of sitting. If you are not taller than 6 feet, then this is a good pick for office chairs under $1000!

series 1 steelcase

Now we will compare the specifications and features of both products

Think vs Series 1 – High back support?

The Steelcase Think has higher back support than the Series1 Office Chair by Steelcase. The only problem is that the chair might not be comfortable for people who are 6 feet tall or taller since they might feel cramped up if their head leans forward while working at their desk.

Both of these office chairs have high back support for people who are 6 feet or taller.

Mesh back support?

The Steelcase Think has a breathable mesh back support while the Series 1 has padded fabric. It comes down to personal preference and what you will be comfortable sitting on.

Tilt limiter? No, but both chairs allow infinite lock ability and recline.

So which chair should I get then?! If you prefer adjustable armrests: go with Steelcase Think

How about Lumbar support?

At a price point around $1000, both chairs can be a big investment for your home office or work space. We’ve been spending more time in front of the computer ranging from working full-time to developing our own business – this means longer hours sitting in our desks! If you’re like us who spends a lot of time seated, comfort is always an important factor when buying office furniture.

The Series 1 comes with a adjustable lumbar support while the Think does not come standard with lumbar support but it is available as an add-on accessory . The Series 1 has no arms which makes it easier for people with shorter legs to get under their desk and work comfortably.

The Think has a more fluid sitting experience thanks to the LiveBack technology that automatically conforms the back support to your spine’s natural curvature as you recline, which is awesome because we can lean even further into our chair (great for those long hours of working on your laptop). You can adjust this chair up and down or set it to a fixed position. This is also more standard at around $900-1100 range .

The Series 1 is definitely more affordable than the Think by $100 – $300 depending on where you buy it. However, some users said they felt like there was some wobble in the seat compared with the Think although no one said this was a deal breaker for them .

The Series 1 armless chair is more compact and lighter than the Think which helps in terms of moving around and making space.

Both chairs offer great lumbar support and you can add on to one if it does not come with your chair.

Do we have a winner?

It really depends on your budget, need for arms, and weight limit when deciding between the two. Obviously, if you prefer an adjustable-height desk then that’s another factor that will add to the final price (obviously add even more).

Both chairs are definitely solid performers with most similar features but there can be some little differences depending on your needs so hopefully this has given you a better idea of what to expect!

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