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Avoiding distractions when working from home with an ergonomic chair and a standing desk

Working from home can be incredibly liberating and productive, but it also brings its own unique set of challenges and distractions. With limits on human contact, social media temptations, and easier access to the fridge or pantry – staying focused on work tasks at home is an ongoing struggle for many remote workers. But it doesn’t have to be that way; with a few simple strategies in place, you can increase your productivity and remain distraction-free while working from home! Here are a few top tips for avoiding those pesky distractions so you can stay laser-focused on your job duties without succumbing to procrastination.

1. Invest in a standing desk

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular with remote workers, as they can help improve posture, alertness, and productivity while encouraging more movement throughout the day. While standing desks do come with some drawbacks (they’re not always comfortable for long periods of time), they also provide several benefits that may make them worth considering if you work from home on a regular basis.

office chair and standing desk
an office chair and a standing desk

To pick the right desk for your workstation, here are 2 key important factors to check: the height range adjustment and loading capacity. If your height is taller than 6ft, then at least pick the ideal stand-up desk with a max height of 49-50″. For gamers who need more space with 2 monitors, laptops, and accessories, please make sure the weight capacity’s 220 lbs or even more to avoid an unstable situation when you type or move stuff.

Some good brands in the market like Uplift V2 (recommended by Standingdesktopper), Fully Jarvis (recommended by Wirecutter), Flexispot E7 Pro Plus (recommended by Forbes). Check out the Top 10 best standing desks for home office of 2023 

2. Buy an ergonomic chair

If you don’t want to invest in a standing desk, then investing in an ergonomic chair is the next best thing for improving your comfort and productivity while working from home. Ergonomic chairs help support proper posture and spine alignment, which can reduce back pain and fatigue associated with sitting for long hours at a time – making them ideal for remote workers who need support throughout their workday. When choosing a chair, make sure it’s adjustable enough to fit your body size and shape; it should also be comfortable enough to allow for extended periods of sitting without causing discomfort or fatigue.

If you don’t know where to start, do your research with SIHOO, Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth. These brands are so popular for office furniture that their products can be found in most offices. They all offer models that range from basic to high-end, so you’re sure to find an ergonomic chair that fits both your budget and comfort needs.

embody of herman miller
The Embody of Herman Miller

3. Get the right accessories

For those who want to take their work-from-home solutions one step further, consider investing in laptop stands, monitor arms, and other ergonomic accessories that can help you stay comfortable and productive while working from home. These accessories can help you keep your laptop at eye level for improved posture and reduce neck strain associated with looking down at a laptop for long periods of time. Also, keep in mind that these ergonomic accessories come in different shapes and sizes – so make sure to choose ones that fit your needs.

Creating a comfortable and productive workspace is key when it comes to staying focused on work tasks while working from home. Investing in a standing desk or an ergonomic chair, as well as various ergonomic accessories, can go a long way in helping you remain distraction-free and productive while working remotely.

4. Other Tips for avoiding distractions when working from home

tips for wfh space

• Set a schedule and stick to it.

• Get dressed all the way – including shoes.

• Create a designated workspace that reflects your productivity goals.

• Take short breaks (15 minutes) away from your desk throughout the day.

• Connect with coworkers virtually for support and motivation.

• Turn off all notifications from sites like social media, email, etc., and set specific times of day to check them so you don’t get distracted by them during work hours.

• Utilize noise-cancelling headphones or white noise/calming music if needed while working on tasks that require concentration

Bonus: Set time limits on social media

Social media can be a big distraction when working from home – it’s easy to get caught in its trap of scrolling endlessly through feeds and videos without actually accomplishing anything. To prevent yourself from getting too distracted by social networks, set a specific amount of time each day (or week) for engaging with them – this way, you’ll stay focused on work tasks and still make time for fun activities like checking out the latest memes or catching up with friends. Additionally, try using a browser plugin like StayFocusd or Freedom to block certain websites while you’re working – this will help prevent the urge to mindlessly check social media while you should be focusing on work.

Dont’ forget: Organize your workspace

Having an organized and clutter-free workspace can make all the difference in staying productive while working from home. Spend some time sorting through papers, organizing your desk drawers, and decluttering any areas that are taking up too much of your attention or distracting you from getting things done. Additionally, try adding plants or other decor items to give your space a sense of life and energy – this can also help break up long periods of screen time, giving you something else to focus on throughout the day.

Some people will love working from home and feel more productive, while others might struggle to stay focused in the comfort of their own homes. It’s important to find a balance that works best for you and your work style – but hopefully, with these tips on how to create the ideal workspace, you can maximize focus and productivity while working remotely.