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Metallurgical, mechanical and chemical testing is performed on raw material, semi-processed and finished parts to determine compliance to specifications and quality requirements. Our engineering expertise and evaluations can help provide better, safer, and more reliable products, resulting in reduced costs and fewer failures.

There are several benefits to this type of testing:

  • We can evaluate your product design requirements, and then assist you in specifying materials and/or processes that will enhance production or performance.
  • We can evaluate current products to reveal deficiencies and potential improvements.
  • For new designs or existing products, we can specify alternate materials that are better suited to the application or alternate processes, which can reduce the need for more expensive materials.

Routine testing services include:

Metallurgical Testing:

  • Metallography and microstructural examinations, high resolution digital image analysis photomicrographs, photomacrographs
  • Rockwell hardness testing, ultra light knoop and vickers microhardness testing down to 1 gram loads
  • Density and porosity
  • Reverse engineering

Chemical Testing:

  • Compositional testing to determine alloy identification verification of compositional specifications
  • Iidentification of platings, particles, coatings, and residues
  • Lead and cadmium testing
  • Mechanical Testing:
  • Tensile and compression testing
  • Torque testing
  • Cycle testing