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ASTON Understands Businesses Like Yours

ASTON Metallurgical Lab’s forte is failure analysis of products such as automotive and railroad components, gears, springs, tools, dies, boiler & refrigeration tubes, fasteners, piping, medical/dental components and electronics. Our firm is dedicated to integrity, innovation and excellence. We are privately owned and are not influenced by a parent organization, which may introduce conflicts of interest and alternate priorities.

More Than Three Decades of Metallurgical Experience

At ASTON, we believe our most valuable asset is our people. Through the efforts of superior employees and trusted associates, ASTON has steadily grown in reputation, profitability and size since our founding in 1982. Our staff is backed by state-of-the-art tools and technology resources that allow us to meet customer needs.

Our Mission

To provide clients with metallurgical testing and consulting of high professional quality. We do this with uncompromising professional ethics and by practicing metallurgy and materials science as our chosen professional craft.